Speaking of the South

My post about Southern food yesterday reminded me of this great text-message conversation I had with my family recently.

Dad (foodie):
Dinner tonight, hoppin’ John made with Anasazi beans. Oh yeah!
Sister #1 (literature teacher / history buff): Anasazi or Ashkenazi? 🙂 Either way, I’m jealous!
Me: Yum! Enjoy! I’m cooking up some beer-braised collards… Maybe we should join forces? They’d pair well.
Dad: Perfect combo. Low country gourmet.
Sister #2 (super-busy attorney): I had Chipotle.

Then, later, an email from dad: Note that collard greens are a traditional accompaniment to Hoppin’ John.
Me: We must be in a Southern State of Mind. 🙂

It’s true, guys. I had my one-year anniversary in Arizona last month and I think it made me a little homesick. Thankfully, my good friend Lauren is getting married in North Carolina in April, so I have a very good excuse to make a trip home. And believe me… I will be doing lots of eating.


The Sad Truth

“We live in a society whose power structure is devoted to greed and exploitation. The most powerful people run machines that embody the conservative critique of government: tyrannical, bureaucratic, corrupt. In the Age of Corporations, people who don’t work for corporations won’t be as powerful as people who do. To put it the other way, people who work to help others are in a sense punished for not working for corporations.”

-In an email from my friend Jeff

I couldn’t have said it better myself!