Efficiency in the Kitchen

I loved this recent article in the New York Times about how chefs and home cooks are embracing a reduction in food waste. I have to be honest: although I shop so that I don’t produce a lot of waste, I am definitely guilty of throwing out those broccoli stems or carrot tops. I found this article inspiring, and I can’t wait to read the Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook when it comes out! Root to Leaf looks fantastic, as well. I love that a (Southern!) chef has taken the concept of nose-to-tail eating in animals and applied it to vegetables. My heart sings!

Photo via NYT/Peter Arkle

Photo via NYT/Peter Arkle

One thought on “Efficiency in the Kitchen

  1. I like the cartoon! I just threw out some broccoli stems the other day. I had hoped to make Elle’s broccoli stem burgers, but just didn’t have time. Sad face.

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