My RD-iversary!


One year ago on March 2nd, I passed my RD exam and became a registered dietitian. It’s amazing to think of how much has changed since then in my professional life. I’m still working at the Large County Health Department, but in a different position. Now, instead of counseling clients one-on-one, I’m more involved in public health and policy approaches to population-wide problems. I feel very lucky to have this job. For one, I’m employed at a health department where the Director believes wholeheartedly in the utility of broad approaches as the best way to create a healthier populace. I have wonderful, creative coworkers who support me in the work that I love doing. I have a boss who believes in me, who is flexible, and who appreciates my work. And – I started a blog! If this is year one of my RD career, I’m definitely looking forward to what year 2 has to offer!


2 thoughts on “My RD-iversary!

  1. Congratulations!!

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